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Building the database without glare 5 May 2009

Posted by Oliver Mason in Apple, erlang, iphone, objective-c, programming.

DAY 7 sounds like a lot, but again I’m only working a few hours in the evening after the kids have gone to bed. I have the feeling that there is a lot of ‘boilerplate’ code to write in Objective-C, or Cocoa at least. But then, that might be the problem with GUI-related programming. Erlang doesn’t nearly need as many lines to accomplish something, anything really! But then, the kind of Erlang programs I’ve been working on are basic R&D text-only affairs, not MVC-style user interface programming.

I have today learned how to turn off the iPhone program icon glare (add UIPrerenderIcon=true to info.plist in the bundle), which I think looks better on my icon which had a horizontal line just about where the glare-line was. I also created a SQLite database from a text file. Next I will need to integrate the DB with the table view, for the first part of actual functionality. I keep switching between chapters in the textbook, the one which builds tables and the one which deals with persistent storage. Why did nobody think of doing a database-backed table view? Need to check Apple’s sample code, they’ve got a book-storage one which might do that.

The depressing bit is that I write a little Noddy-program, and it takes me ages. Mainly getting used to Cocoa, Xcode, and Objective-C, but also going back to no garbage collection, and shifting data between classes I know not well at all (NSString, NSArray, etc). I think my niche will be little utilities, rather than glorious games!



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